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Certificate of Recognition (COR)

All companies must have a functioning Health and Safety Management System (HSMS).  It is the framework, put in place by employers, to manage risks, establish controls, and minimize the incidence of injury and illness to their workers. This is accomplished through identifying, assessing, and controlling risks to workers in all workplaces.

Is your organization’s HSMS ready for Certificate of Recognition?

The Certificate of Recognition is a tool used to audit your Health and Safety Management System (HSMS). The Certificate of Recognition (COR) is required for contracts, with both public- and private-sector construction projects in Ontario, to be registered in order for them to qualify for bidding purposes. Employers are able to demonstrate that their health and safety management system has been developed and implemented appropriately to protect all workers. Protecting the health and safety of all workers at all time is the right thing to do.  Effective development and maintenance of a health and safety management system is a proactive approach to eliminating workplace injuries and illnesses. A company’s corporate image will be enhanced.  It will also show a strong safety culture, which will attract safety-conscious workers.

Components of Certificate of Recognition

Certificate of Recognition (COR) – Has 19 Elements

Thirteen (13) are common elements:

1. Policy Statement

2. Hazard Assessment, Analysis and Control

3. Safe Work Practices

4. Safe Job Procedures

5. Employer Rules

6. Personal Protective Equipment

7. Preventive Maintenance

8. Training and Communication

9. Workplace Inspections

10. Investigations and Reporting

11. Emergency Preparedness

12. Statistics and Records

13. Legislation

Six (6) are Supplemental elements;

14. Occupational Health

15. First Aid

16. Health and Safety Representative/Committee

17. Workplace Violence and Harassment

18. Return to Work

19. Management Review

COR certification is valid for 3 years from the date of certification, provided internal maintenance audits are completed in the second and third years.

MCM Safety Management Services Inc. can perform your internal audit, in preparation for an external audit by Infrastructure Health and Safety.