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Occupational Health and Safety Awareness Training



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Everyone in the workplace from the employer to the newest worker has different, although very important duties to keep the workplace safe.  It is important that every worker understands their rights and responsibilities so they can be safe at work today and every day.

Under OHSA employers must provide employees with specific information and instruction about how to stay safe and prevent injuries and illnesses on the job.  

Hazard Assessment is a key component to Occupational Health and Safety Awareness Training and is the cornerstone of any Health and Safety Management System. A workplace hazard is any activity, condition, practice, or behavior that has potential to harm a worker. It is the employer’s responsibility to protect workers which includes assessing or identifying and controlling all workplace hazards which can cause injury or illness.  

By identifying hazards at your workplace, your employees will be better prepared to control or eliminate them and prevent incidents, injuries, property damage and downtime. With proper training and guidance workers will learn effective and proven methods of hazard identification, assessment, and control.